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How do I use Java with Windows 8?

Java does not seem compatible with Windows 8 or something because I can't seem to use it. What should I do???

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    Hi Leon,

    Windows 8 is officially supported with the release of Java 7 Update 10. Java will only be supported in Desktop screen. Java will not run in the Start screen.

    You may uninstall Java from computer using Java uninstaller and follow the prompts from the link below:

    Once the Java is uninstalled, restart your computer to download and install the latest version of Java from the following link:

    Troubleshooting tips for using Java on Windows 8, you may refer to the following articles:

    You may also check the Java Help Center if the issue is specific with only java installation:

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Chinmay S

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