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Does the style of music you listen to change with the seasons?

I find in the winter I listen to more dark production or underground music while in the summer I'm into more southern rap/ upbeat production/ soul beats or even mainstream rap if you want to call it that for whatever reason anyone else do that?

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    RZA said Liquid Swords is supposed to be listened to in the winter, and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a summertime joint. I've been bumping 2Pac lately because the west coast has a more summer feel to it.

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    Just a few experimental songs are not unhealthy in any respect, however a whole album even an EP is most likely not indispensable... I do make exceptions for altering the band's sound as they age, like Pearl Jam. Incubus is band that appears to vary it up every album and even as it exposes a fan to new music styles, but it will probably alienate newcomers, hence dampening success.

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    I listen to a lot of Roc Marciano and old 90's east coast rap in the winter. In the summer it's a lot of DJ Screw and other southern sh*t.

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    No not really. I stick to BMTH, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, and ect. It just kind of adds on as time goes by but I stick to the same genre.

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    i don't notice my music change with the seasons but i do know i change my music when i have life changing events, i always (like five years) listened to reship hop mainstream and underground, recently i lost my dad and i noticed i haven't listened to any of my favourite music ive been listing to old rock and heavy metal

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    somewhat. In the winter I like to listen to "softer" music like norah jones or james taylor. While in the summer I like more of dave matthews type music

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    Not really.Sometimes I will get into an artists and listen to them for hours though.Does not really change with season.I guess you could say it changes with my mood.

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    summer i listen to happy music winter i listen to gangster music

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    No, I listen to Death Metal all year long

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