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Will these pc parts work together well?

So this is my build that i want

Intel core i7 3930k Hexa-Core LGA 2011

ASrock x79 extreme 11 LGA 2011

Corsair Vengance Pro series 16GB DDR3

Western Digital cavair green 3TB hardrive (x2)

Thermaltake water 2.0 extreme liquid cooler

Samsung IT 512GB 2.5" SATA 3 SSD Pro Bulk

EVGA supernova NEX classified 1500w

Gigabyte GV-N97o0c-2GD Geforce GTX 670 windfore 256 bit (x2)

Obsidian 900D super tower case

Will these pc parts work together well for gaming?

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    You don't want the i7 3930k. There is no reason to have anything more than an i7-3770K in a gaming computer. The 3930K doesn't offer any more benefits that a 3770K in terms of gaming, and costs hundreds more.

    The GTX 670 is a fantastic card, but instead of getting 2 of them (costing nearly $800), get a single GTX 780 ($650), which will run at about the same performance, and have less compatibility issues with certain games.

    Unless the 670s both have 4GB GDDR5, is is best to get a 780.

    The 1500W power supply is completely unnecessary. Maybe if you were going to SLI 4 graphics cards, it would make sense, but you really only need 1250W max.

    Other than this, your build is excellent. Making the changes that I suggest will save about $300 without losing performance.

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    The parts that you have chosen will work gret together.

    That being said, if you are building your PC manly for gaming, I would look more towards the Haswell CPU, may consider getting the i5-4670k.The only reason I am bring this to your attention is that 6 cores and hyper-threading will not benefit you in almost all PC games on the market, as they do not support hyper-threading what so every and most games are optimized for 4 cores on the Intel side.

    If you want to save money or put the extra you would have spent on the X79 platform, towards a more higher GPU or run a multi GPU setup, that will help you alot more in games then the X79 chip-set and motherboard.

    It's cool if you go with the X79 enthusiast platform if you want to, I even have one myself, but just know that you will not gain any performance boost over the 4670k in gaming.

    You might also want to look at this… Intel has a great promotional deal going on right at the moment on Haswell CPU's.

    Hope this helped you,


    ~Member Of The Intel Response Squad~

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    Yeah, everything looks compatible, have fun. Since budget doesn't seem to be a problem, perhaps make the GTX 670s into 770s, or a titan or two.

  • 3 years ago

    It looks good, though i might assess 2 things. 1. Double assess to make certain the CPU socket is the identical as the mother boards. 2. Check one of a kind power supplies for a greater wattage maybe go as much as 800-850 watts alternatively of 650. Hope this helps! Just right good fortune!

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