Should I Go To The Hospital? Asthma Attacks?

This morning, i woke up to wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. It lasted for 2 hours so i got an inhaler and it went away, but the problem is my inhaler only works for 30 mins-1 hour and it comes back again! The inhaler is not working and i've already used it 4 times (the max). So if i take it again, i'll overdose myself. I'm also coughing really bad.

The problem is, my parents are not taking me seriously. They think i'm faking or something and thinking it isn't a big deal. My mom is forcing me to take cold n flu medicine but I'M NOT SICK. I'M 100% SURE. So asking them to take me to the hospital will set them off. So what should i do? I'm only 14..

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    Go to the hospital. When you're asking your parents to take you, it is key to ALWAYS maintain a serious and stern face no matter HOW they react to let them know that you are not joking. Do not be fazed if they become angry, as long as in the end they take you to the hospital.

    If they truly care for your health and safety then they will take you to the hospital. They are most likely putting the "angry" act to see if you are lying/faking or not, which you clearly are not.

    If all else fails and they don't take you to the hospital even though you're being serious, then resort to yelling. Don't yell loudly/at the top of your lungs, as you might have an asthma attack. Make sure you use your inhaler during the argument to show that you are actually suffering. This will help sway your parents' decision unless they are heartless.

    Good luck. Hope you overcome this obstacle. :)

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    If it is a ventolin inhaler, you can take it more than 4 times. You can take it as many times as you need, just stop taking it if you get a headache from it or get really shaky. As for your parents, I think what the other answerer said is good, and I don't know where you live, but in most places you can go to the doctors at age 14 by yourself, so you could try and convince your parents you really do need to go to the ER by asking them to just drop you off. This may make them realise you are not joking because not 14 year old wants to go spend a day waiting in the ER by themself. If all else fails, and you parents still refuse to take you, and you feel you need to go to the hospital because your asthma is too out of control, call a relative or family friend who can take you. Or worst comes to worst, take public transit to get there and go by yourself. Surely, if you are calling someone else to take you or you are trying to take public transit to go by yourself, your parents will believe you and bring you..

    Or you could pull up a website off of google showing the signs of when you need to go to the hospital for asthma and show it to your parents and tell them that's exactly whats happening to you and you need to go to the ER

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