What is your favourite Sci-fi GPN?

So I am a big fan of both science fiction shows and baby names. I am wondering what people's favourite gulity pleasure names from sci-fi tv shows are. In case you don't know, guilty pleasure names are names that you love but wouldn't use on an actual child.

My sci-fi GPN include:

Echo (Dollhouse)

Seven (ST: Voyager)

Anwen (Torchwood)

Kira (ST: DS9)

Kestra "Kes" (ST:TNG/ST:Voyager)

Roslin (Battlestar Galactica)

Caprica (BSG)

Serentity (Firefly)

Astrid (Fringe)

Melody (Doctor Who)

Aeryn (Farscape)

Ronon (Stargate: Atlantis)

Nolan (Defiance)

Kirk (ST: TOS)

Dax (ST: DS9)

Carter (Stargate: SG1/Eureka)

Magnus (Sanctuary)

Fox (X-Files)

What are yours?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ah! I love some of these shows!

    Serenity, Aeryn, Carter & Magnus are all GP of mine for the same reasons.

    River (Firefly & Doctor Who)

    Leeloo (Fifth Element)

    Scully (X-Files)

    Vala (Stargate) - This wavers between being a GP and an outright usable name in my mind.

    Kaylee (Firefly) - I actually really like her full name too. Kaywinnet is so strange that it's adorable.

    Azkadellia (Tin Man)

    Trillian (Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy)

    Saffron (Firefly)

    November (Dollhouse)

    Ace (Doctor Who)

    Nikola (Sanctuary)

    Stark (Farscape & Eureka)

    Scorpius (Farscape) - I loved the name from Farscape and then when it showed up in Harry Potter, it become a GP of mine. Completely ridiculous and unusable but a guilty pleasure nonetheless.

    Jayne (Firefly) - it's a boys name in my mind now. Between Firefly and the Mentalist, Jayne/Jane no longer sounds very feminine to me.

    Ambrose (Tin Man)

    Ianto (Torchwood) - perfectly usable name but probably not where I live.

    Rembrandt (Sliders)

    In addition some names from these shows are actual favourites, e.g. Claudia, Arthur & Helena from Warehouse 13, Henry from Eureka & Sanctuary, and Zane from Eureka, to name a few.

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  • mcclam
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    3 years ago

    so as... a million. famous person Wars Episode V: The Empire strikes returned (additionally my all time sought after action picture) 2. famous person Wars Episode IV: a sparkling wish 3. extraterrestrial beings 4. Predator 5. Mad Max 6. Mad Max II: the line Warrior 7. The Terminator 8. Alien 9. The Matrix 10. Terminator II: Judgment Day 11. The Omega guy 12. get away From long island 13. 2001: an area Odyssey 14. the factor 15. The Abyss sixteen. Rollerball (unique) 17. famous person Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan 18. Planet Of The Apes (unique) 19. Logan's Run 20, Time After Time 21. close Encounters Of The third type 22. famous person Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith 23. famous person Wars Episode VI: return Of The Jedi 24. Blade Runner 25. Lifeforce 26. Robocop 27. Equilibrium 28. The Philadelphia test 29. Independence Day 30. Pitch Black 31. Jurassic Park 32. famous person Trek 33. Trancers 34. the suitable Countdown 35. The Quiet Earth 36, Outland 37. No get away 38. Westworld 39. Avatar 40. Pandorum 40-one. loss of life Race 2000 40 two. Colossus: The Forbin undertaking 40 3. Tron 40 4. conflict Of The Worlds (unique) 40 5. Vampire Hunter D (the main character is my avatar) 40 six. night Of The Comet 40 seven. Stargate 40 8. conflict previous the celebrities 40 9. Timerider 50. Saturn 3 i admire Sci-Fi BA a million. famous person Wars 2. famous person Trek 3. Terminator 4. extraterrestrial beings 5. Mad Max

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  • Megan
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Kira and Ronon are nice! :)

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