Stereos and bass question?

I have this sub that I built with no crossover, two tower speakers and two amps. one amp is hooked up to the tower speakers, while the other is hooked up to the sub. for some reason, when I have both bass knobs on full, there is no bass sounds or vibration at all, its just the subs bumping with some mid frequencies coming out of them, but when one receiver has the bass all the way down, and one receiver has the bass all the way up, the woofers on the speakers hooked up to that receiver with the bass up will sound normal and way more powerful then when both receivers are trying to play some low bass notes. if you have questions, please i really need help, i invested alot of money already and I want all of it working

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  • Rail
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    8 years ago
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    You must have hooked up some of your speakers out of phase. This would cause bass frequencies to cancel each other out because they are 180 degrees out of phase. Your speakers would look like they are working hard, but you would not hear much. Check to make sure that from each amplifier to speaker/sub you wired your positive and negatives correctly and it is not reverse for any.


    Also on the amplifiers check that "phase" is set to 0 and not 180. This would have the same effect as reverse wiring.

  • KaeZoo
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    8 years ago

    Reverse the (+) and (-) connections at the subwoofer.

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