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Who was the greatest Fighter of all Time?

We're talking about all forms of Martial Arts


It's not Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan lol

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    Chuck Norris.

    He will roundhouse kick your face for even asking this.

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    Bruce Lee greatly over-rated, naive adolecent runts want believe silly hoaxes of him. Jackis Chan know he not greatest, have jokes of himself and Bruce Lee at some movies.

    Are many candidates. At ancient Greece, Milo of Crotona and Polydamas are fighting champions at Olympics. Polydamas is 6'-8" tall, weigh 330 lbs. historians say. Tales say Milo carry bull at arena, use one blow of fist kill it, Polydamas strangle lion.

    Miyamoto Musashi is "sword saint" of Japan, is invincible.

    At 20th Century Wang Hsu-Chin (1905-1981) and Oyama Masutatsu (1923-1994, born Korea, real name Choi Young-Eui) are formidable men, easily beat Bruce Lee if he dare face them. Some Karate masters break hands when strike Wang Sifu's tough "Iron Shirt' body. Oyama Sensei use bare hands kill many bulls. Both men beaat many skillful fighters. Bruce Lee avoid public fights and sparring.

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    No one. A martial artist will always have their pros and cons. His or her attributes keeps them grounded. One cannot excel at everything. Their faults defines them as human. He or she will always have more to learn. Bruce Lee, for instance, was only mortal. Although he is known for his signature one inch punch, there has been no confirmed account of him fighting accept Wong Jack Man. Bruce Lee is a martial artist for sure, but no fighter.

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  • Stevie
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    8 years ago

    Bruce lee ? Jackie chan? Po?

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    many could be thrown in this in no particular order:

    Leonidas of the Spartan 300

    Minamoto Musashi

    Motobu choki (beat a professional boxer when he was in his late 50's documented in Kingu magazine)

    Bruce Lee

    Mohammed Ali (claimed the title himself)


    Mas Oyama

    Sakugawa To-te (had a family of martial arts named after him)

    Fedor Emilankos

  • Guts
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    8 years ago

    Crixus, champion of capua

  • coco
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    8 years ago

    Ralph Macchio

  • 8 years ago

    Definitely Bruce Lee. He'd put all these modern MMA fighters to shame if he were still around.

    Your move, KW...

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    Lyoto Machida or Masahiko Kimura

  • 8 years ago

    Miyamoto Musashi?

    OOOOH NO, it was Bruce Lee. I just read Keyboard warriors answer. Definitely Bruce Lee. My mistake, silly me.....

  • Kokoro
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    8 years ago

    Oh it's bruce

    Kw when is the funeral, and were do we send flowers

    Do you seriously think that in the millions of years of humanity, and the billions of fighters that most of which were never heard of it can be narrowed down to one person

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