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This girl pulled this other girl out of a drive thru!!?

Hey guys,

So my name is Ashley and I am 17. My friend Courtney got her drivers license and her parents bought her a car which is SO beautiful. Its so nice, its like a sports car and Courtney picked me up after my dance lesson and we were gonna go to the mall but I was SOO hungry.

She asked if I wanted to grab a quick snack from McDonalds and I said sure. When we got the window where you get the food this girl we hate SO much from Jane was working there. The first window (where u pay) was closed so we had to pay at the second one. Courtney had a new credit card her dad got her too and she didnt really know how to use it so she just gave it to Jane and Jane ignored her and threw the card back in the car (it fell beside the seat) and threw the machine in the car too!! She was SOO rude!

Courtney started yelling back at Jane and being rude back to Jane. Then Jane swore at Courtney and when Courtney was handing back the credit machine to Jane, she grabbed Janes arm and then wouldnt let go of it!! She held onto it SOO tight and drove AWAY from the window!! Jane got pulled out of the restaurant and onto the lane!!

Courtney drove away so fast and I was so shaken by it. Then she kept asking me; "I shouldnt worry, should I?" and I just said no to make her happy.

HELP! She is SO going to get caught, but what will happen to her!

Jane was REALLY badly hurt and on twitter she posted she will kill Courtney by pushing her off a high building (I would NEVER let that happen!)

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    You need to report it to the police real quick.You are a witness.You saw what happened.If Jane has Courtney up on charges you will have to give evidence.She can have you charged to because you were in the car too.Jane can also sue for damages.If other people saw the incident they should have reported it too.You and Cortney need to head to the nearest Police station real quick,like right now and she needs to own up and you need to give a witness report.Tell Courteny to go to the Police.Do not lie to the police.Do the right thing and get this out the way.Cooperate with the police and the if it goes to a court you should cooperate in a law court no matter whether its a small claims law court or not.You witnesses an incident.Get off the computer right now and go to the police.

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    Ok this situation sounds so crazy lol. I think your friend might get jail time or something for assault. You might also be able to press charges for threatening though. Hope this helped and good luck!

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