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Modern Warfare 2 PC Steam Problem?

So i just recently bought MW2 through steam and when i open up single player it works fine. But then when I try to open multiplayer up it says "failed to start game (unknown error) See the Steam support site for more information" and if i follow that link it it tells me to delete the appache file then restart etc. I've done that three times with no luck unfortunately. Anybody know the problem? I just want to bash people the riot sield :/

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    Haha so your one of those riot shield guys! haha joking your cool

    anywho sometimes the best thing to do is open up a ticket with steam support.

    go here

    you have to make a different account that your steam one cos they don't want u to get hacked.

    the point is they will help all your problems there. It going to take them like 1-2 days to reply usually one day.

    But there they will talk to you through the process of fixing it. what i suggest you do first is uninstall everything back up your saves of course and then re install try again if it still doesn't work give them as much information of your problem as possible.

    You can add me on steam if you like: Nani Love

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    I recommend to clean up the register in order to improve your pc performances and get rid of malwares. A good program you can use is CCleaner

    It's a very simple and nice software.


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