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what are your guy's thoughts on canada?

i just wanna know your thoughts and opinions on the country Canada!

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    What I like about Canada are the unknown stories; the ones that one the surface say one thing because Canada is modest - but if you just dig a little deeping into the 'what isn't said' you walk away with quite the impression.

    What's he rambling on about you ask; well let's take atomic weapons - you might think Canada doesn't have any, what's the matter? Too weak a military, too weak a country, not powerful enough to possess nuclear weapons perhaps.

    All wrong :)

    "The Manhattan Project was a research and development program by the United States with the United Kingdom and Canada that produced the first atomic bomb during World War II..."

    "It was known in 1940 that German scientists were working on a similar project and that the British were also exploring the problem. In the fall of 1941 Harold C. Urey and Pegram visited England to attempt to set up a cooperative effort, and by 1943 a combined policy committee with Great Britain and Canada was established. In that year a number of scientists of those countries moved to the United States to join the project there."

    The Manhattan Project



    "It is agreed between us

    First, that we will never use this agency against each other.

    Secondly, that we will not use it against third parties without each other's consent..."

    The Quebec Accord


    Canada was as responsible for Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the USA was. We carried it through production and in delivery - as agreed by all seemed like the right thing to do.

    However once the true results of the weapon and the dreadful after-effects became known Canada was just horrified; hardly anything one can 'justify' using against our own world and fellow human beings... the ability to do so not the great nation Canada envisioned for its society and culture.

    We walked away from the nuclear family, made that decision on your own and we've never looked back.

    We don't have nukes by choice, and that stand is one of the things that impresses me about Canada.

    Firstly because we're so humble you are totally unaware of our greatness without looking, secondly because once you do you will be how profoundly great we really are - albeit quietly :)

    Some added stuff:

    "Canada best G20 country to be a woman; Policies that promote gender equality, safeguards against violence and exploitation and access to healthcare make Canada the best place to be a woman among the world's biggest economies, a global poll of experts showed on Wednesday..."


    "Canada Reaches Top Five In world Economic Freedom Ranking"


    "Canada's overall police-reported crime rate dropped six per cent in 2011 from the previous year, reflecting the lowest crime figures recorded since 1972. Statistics compiled by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (CCJS) and released Tuesday by Statistics Canada showed that the crime rate in 2011 was at its lowest level in 39 years. The decline continues a downward trend that began in the 1990s"


    Canada ranks No. 1 in our annual look at the Best Countries for Business. While the U.S. is paralyzed by fears of a double-dip recession and Europe struggles with sovereign debt issues, Canada’s economy has held up better than most. The $1.6 trillion economy is the ninth biggest in the world and grew 3.1% last year. It is expected to expand 2.4% in 2011, according to the Royal Bank of Canada.


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  • 5 years ago

    Would love to live there.

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  • 7 years ago

    Canada is internationally rated as:

    -The world's best advanced economy.

    -The world's soundest banking system.

    -The world's most tolerant nation.

    -The world's most multicultural society.

    -The world leader in educational attainment.

    -The highest quality of life in the G7.

    -The safest G7 nation to live in.

    -The G7's most fairly-administered judicial system.

    -The G7 leader in providing equal opportunities for individuals.

    -The only G7 nation fully-recovered from the US-caused global financial crisis & recession.

    -The world's best country for business.

    -The strongest fiscal position of all G7 nations.

    -The best G7 nation for business over the next 5 years.

    And Canada's also rated as:

    -One of the world's 10 safest countries.

    -One of the world's 10 most peaceful nations.

    -One of the world's 10 happiest countries.

    -One of the world's 10 least corrupt nations.

    Plus all this from recent headlines:

    'Canada: Richer than America and more powerful than Europe'

    'Canada to lead G7 nations in average growth for next 50 years: OECD'

    'Canada rises to Top Five in world economic freedom ranking as U.S. plummets to 18th'

    'Canada Trounces U.S. In Best Countries For Business'

    'While the rest of the world sinks into despair, Canadians have never felt so upbeat about the future'

    'Obama in Canada Finds Worlds Best Financial System'

    'Canada Named The World's Most Educated Country'

    'Canada is best G20 country for females'

    'Best Country For Kids: Canada Best Place In The World To Raise Children'

    'Canadian banks rated safest in world'

    'On free trade, Canada leads the way'

    'Free trade with Canada has become a global aspiration'

    'Canada leads the world in research impact, shows study'

    'Canada leads the world in technology adoption'

    'Canada leads G8 in keeping promises'

    'And the fastest-growing G8 country is Canada'

    'Crime: Canada's common sense approach trumps America's zeal for incarceration'

    'Canada better than U.S., U.K. at protecting citizens' privacy: study'

    'Canada: Constitutional Superpower'

    'Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary picked as three of world's top five most liveable cities'

    ''Vancouver voted as city with world’s best reputation''

    'Canadians are the most tolerant people in the developed world: report'

    'Multiculturalism has been Canada's solution, not its problem'

    'Canada poised to claim ownership of vast underwater territory bigger than Quebec'

    'Canadian salaries to jump 2.9% in 2013'

    'Canada can fairly claim to be the best-governed country in the world'

    '10 Most Reputable Countries and Canada Takes Top Spot'

    'A great time to be Canadian'

    'The World would love to be Canadian'

    'Canada tops global expats survey of best countries'

    'Jerusalem Post Calls Canada The New Leader Of The Free World'

    And that's not even counting the sights and scenery that bring more tourists to Canada each year than Canada's entire national population.

    On top of all that, Canada's particularly attractive for Americans because of this stuff as well:

    -Canada's Constitution provides more rights & freedoms than America's does.

    -Canadians pay fewer taxes per person than Americans do.

    -Canada's average net worth per person is a whopping 70% higher than America's.

    -Canada's national debt is measured in billions. Not trillions like America's.

    -Canadians are healthier & live years longer than Americans due to universal healthcare.

    -Canada's Triple A credit rating was reaffirmed, not downgraded like America's was.

    -Canadians have more property & privacy rights and greater economic freedom than Americans.

    -Canadian minimum wages are higher than America's own. So even poor Canadians earn more.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    good government and stupid people

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