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Get access to user folder on second hard drive partition.?

I have a single hard drive with two partitions. Windows 7 runs on one partition and the new Windows 8.1 Preview runs on the other. When I'm running the Windows 8.1 Preview I cannot access my user folders on the Windows 7 partition (and vice versa) because it says that I am not the owner and I need read permissions. I can't use homegroup or network sharing because both OS's are on the same computer and both can't run at the same time. Any solutions?

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    Thats a tough one, not a situation you would come across that often. NTFS permissions. Can you access any folders from the other OS like public folders? Right click on the folder(s) you want to share and go to properties and sharing tab. Make this a shared folder and add it to the group everyone in advanced sharing.

    Then go to the security tab and click edit type in the box "everyone" but only assign read permissions for now just to see if it will work. Bear in mind doing this will give everyone permissions to these folders that logs onto your computer. Don't take ownership because then you won't be able to access them in the other profile.

    I can't verify this will work because I havent got a dual boot machine but it should work. Don't get Network sharing confused with file sharing they both different, networking would not apply in this case as all the files are on the same computer.

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