Is my friend mad at me for mentioning another guy? 10pts for best answer, I'll answer your questions.?

I really, really, reaaalllyyy like my friend, Zoheb. Anyways. I told him that by sending him '' and then he said;

Why do fat people love apples. If you know what i'm trying to say.

I said ; 'Because apples are cute and intelligent and uh. have the best jokes.'

He then asked who was the apples, and who was the fat lady. I said I was the fat lady. He's the apples. So he started being a smartass and said;

Why am I an apple. And why do you erm, eat me?

I laughed and said because fat ladies love apples. He began to joke around and say, 'I get it. The message is, you love you eat me!" So he said,

I'm joking. What makes you feel this way? Not that I don't like it.

I didn't know what to say so I asked my friend Amir, who's a major flirt, and told me to tell him he's perfect. So I did and he asked why he was perfect. I told him because he's funny and intelligent and cute and WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME DO THIS. His answer: Because you said you love apples.

He said;

Okay, so, you're not bad yourself;) He then asked me,

"If someone said to you after you said to them sup

I'm ******* fine

are they fine?"

I told him no, and he said to me, "I'm ******* fine." I asked him what was wrong and he said he was confused about us. I told him I was also confused. He said:

Eh I felt the same too, ok? I just wouldn't admit it because it would be silly, you're also cute and funny. And etc.

We have a friend named Jo, and when I told Jo that I really liked Zoheb, Jo said that Zoheb probably likes me, too, and won't admit it. I told that to Zoheb and I guess he got confused because he said;

Well I do.

If he does, then he does.

We're not the same person.

I told him I knew that.

Then he said.

Well then next time you should be careful to who you say


I said I was careful.. I just confused you. He made a joke, and I didn't laugh because - idk why. it was a funny joke.. I just forgot to laugh. He told me he was going to bed and said ouch, you didn't even laugh. I said sorry, and he said;


I AM A ****



ME = ****

Night dear.

I said good night, and he said;

Yeeah yeah it is yeah ok idk idk Bai.

Now I'm really confused.. Is he mad at me? Jo says he probably thinks it was a prank. I took a shower and came up with 4 ideas..

a) He was playing hard to get

b) He thought it was a prank

c) He was leading me on when he said he liked me

d) He thinks he's a **** and doesn't want to date me and be a **** to me.

Anyone have any idea? At all? Please help, I'm dying over here. Best answer, 10 points, I'll answer yours!~

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  • 7 years ago
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    Go and talk to him in person. Tell him how you feel so he can see that you are serious!

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  • 7 years ago

    That's way too much to read all the way through. Yes, guys generally don't like it when you talk about the competition.

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