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Is dries fruit have worse/better/same nutrition?

Ok so I love dried fruit and I could eat it all day. Especially dried mango. I love normal fruit too =] I was wondering if there are any benifits to dried fruit that normal fruit doesnt have, vise versa? Is dried fruit healthy or not? I just am curious on the nutrition of dried fruit cpmpared to undried fruit. Thanks.

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    Many dried fruits have added refined sugar content in pretty significant candy/soda level amounts, and oftentimes use refined oils in their processing. Read the label. Ideally, the only ingredient should be the fruit itself, but most companies often add extra sugar to make it more taste-addictive regardless. Certain dried fruits, like cranberries, have to be sweetened with added-sugar just to make them tasty, since they are so bitter in their natural state.

    Most non-organic fruits tend to have among the highest pesticide levels, so it is best to buy organic dried fruit to avoid this problem.

    On the bright side, dried fruit tend to have much greater antioxidant activity than their fresh-picked counterparts, and still have a wide array of all the same nutrients, along with good fiber.

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    it has no benefits that normal fruit wouldn't but its still healthier then most of everything else now adays so eat up :)

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    Fruit juice is ok in moderation

    Careful though, it has loads of sugar!

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