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Okay so is their any information about what happens after Light Yagami's death? I heard he became a God of Death or something or wanted to be one. Is their Any Unseen endings? Manga? ANYTHING. I alrdy watched some alternate footage but I want to get information about what happen to light yagami after he dies

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    Death Note is my favorite manga of all time, and Light was my favorite character, so I was pretty heartbroken when he finally was killed. As stated in the rules of the Deathnote, and as Ruki tells Light, once you write a name in the Death Note, you will never be allowed into Heaven or Hell. In the last manga immediately after Light dies, there are two completely black pages, which is what I assume has happened to Light. His soul is forever trapped in nothingness and darkness: there is no after-life for him (even though I wish he could have lived on in SOME way).

    There was a 13th manga published after the series ended with profiles of all of the characters with info, including a snippet of what happened to those who survived after the series ended, as well as a list of the Death Gods and the pilot of the series, with a kid who looks significantly similar to Teru Mikami, and is able to use a special eraser Riku gives him to bring someone he killed back to life.

    I always kind of hoped they would make a second series revolving around that idea, but, alas, that isn't going to happen.

    Hope this helped! :D

    Source(s): Was a GIANT fangirl of the series (as it was being published in America), and is still my favorite manga today; I didn't like the ending, so I wrote my own sequel (seriously) to play out my fantasies :D lol
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    Story Of Death Note

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    People say that because of the OVAs that Light Yagami maybe a shinigami, but that's an assumption because he can't go to neither heaven or hell. In the Death note Rewrite series, you can watch some scenes that are not in the main series, but not in many episodes. Especially L's funeral.

    In the manga i believe that, even though Kira is dead, people still worship him and you see Near unmistakably older and looks quite like L.

    Also in the movies, you get total different endings it's a must watch for death note fans. In the movie L change the world, there's a completely different story.

    As a side story you can read, Death note another note which focus on a particular case L solved before meeting Kira, and why L was scared of the word "Shinigami"

    Source(s): Death Note fan
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    No, that's just speculation/rumors.

    There was a Death Note one-shot that takes place a few years after the end of Death Note, but it's not about Light. It's about Near, who has now taken up the identity of L, and the resurfacing of mass heart attack killings, and the possible emergence of a new Kira.

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    No there's not man if u read a manga there a lil they leave out but not much man no he dose not become a god of death like he said in the first ep "you will die light"

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