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Does anyone know where I can see a good sword kata?(Kenjutsu)?

Hey guys

So, I have been studying martial arts for about 5 1/2 years now(16 years old) and I am interested in learning a little bit about kenjutsu. I know two katas already, but they are really short. Does anyone know of any videos online that can teach me a longer kata? I would ask my Sensei or one of my Senpais, but we do not do a whole lot of Kobudo at my dojo, just Bo kata from time to time. Thisis for my next Kata Competition by the way, thats why I want to learn a longer one. Just so i'm up there for more than 10 seconds, ya know? Thanks :)

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    there isnt one, almost all iaido/iaijitsu/kendo/kenjustu kata are very short 3 or 4 moves, there may be a few that are about 8 but they are all meant to be short for a good reason, you only need one cut to finish off your opponent. its not like the mvies where the duel is drawn out for 20 minutes.

    for competition i use to do the entire style,

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