Nba 2k13 MyTeam: Would selling Rudy Gay to get Gerald Wallace and Tyson Chandler be able good move?

I'm just a tad curious


PG: Jason Kidd/ CJ Watson

SG: Terence Ross/Marshon Brooks

SF: Rudy Gay/ Gerald Green/ Robert Horry

PF: Terry Cummings/ Kris Humphries/ Thomas Robinson

C: Bill Walton/ JaVale McGee

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    8 years ago
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    Depends. By doing that trade you get one of the best defensive Centers in the league. Gerald Wallace is also a great defender but doesn't bring much offensively. So basically you'll be sacrificing offense for great defense. I say you should do it unless you already have a good Center as well as good offensive ability from other players. If Rudy Gay is your only main scorer then shy away form that trade.

    If you don't mind, tell me the rest of the players on your roster, or at least your starting 5. That way I can help you a lot more.

    Yea don't do the trade. You would gain a lot defensively but you would lose a lot of offensive power. Rudy Gay is the only person on your team capable of scoring 20+ a game.

    Source(s): Its Good To Be The King
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    Starting 5

    PG: Kobe

    SG: Durant

    SF: Lebron

    PF: Kevin Love

    C: Dwight Howard


    Sixth Man: Carmelo Anthony

    PG: Chris Paul (Sometimes I use Terry Porter depending on my mood)

    SG: Mitch Richmond

    SF: James Worthy

    PF: Josh Smith

    C: Andrew Bynum (Sometimes I use Dikembe Mutombo depending on my mood)

    SG: Dell Curry (One of the most cheesy players in the game)

    EDIT: To actually answer the question you asked I would say keep Rudy Gay because you already have Walton & JaVale McGee you don't need Tyson Chandler and Gerald Wallace is not worth having on your team

    EDIT: BTW If you want a better really good really cheap PG you should get the immortal Patty Mills on your team he has really good stats also Anthony Morrow would be great at SG if you want a better shooter then Terrance Ross

  • 8 years ago

    not in 2k

    rudy gay is way over powered

    he has 93 spd and is an sf

    his mid range is unstopable and has like 90 dunk

    he may be the most overpowered player in 2k

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hell no

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