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Could you glance at these two articles and see what you learn from them?

These two articles have quite a lot in common, and should teach

us something.

I post this because I had this happen where I live also,

and know something of what happens in these things.

When these articles came in my inbox, I saw how we must really

make some changes in our lives to be ready for these things going on.

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    From these articles I learn absolutely nothing.

    Incidents of this nature have been taking place in this country for as long as I have lived, 65 years this July. In each case, a scofflaw is faced with ridiculously overplayed police power, merely to deliver or enforce warrants for some piddling little offense that is not worth the pay of even one cop,. much less a whole SWAT team. The FBI killed two civilians and lost one of their own at Ruby Ridge due to an ATF entrapment involving a sawed off shotgun and a survivalist family. The underlying case itself was thrown out when it got to court, but by then three people and a dog had been killed for nothing.

    The moral of the story is that the police bureaucracy is both powerful and stupid, and if you do not want trouble then do not make waves. Pay the tickets, mow the grass, and do not violate the law to set up a test case unless you want to play with the jackbooted thugs when they get around to you.

    The police have, since 1972, been getting more and more militarized, because Congress gives them money to fight imaginary terrorism and military equipment to do it with. Police departments must use SWAT teams if they have them in order to show that they are as on the ball as the fictional cops on TV. The real terrorists have no interest in cities any smaller than the top ten, and no interest in real attacks on our infrastructure or economy - it is all a PR campaign, so if the target is not recognizable in Arabic on Al Jazeera TV, it is not a target at all. Hard to grasp that bombs are part of a PR campaign, but that is what terrorism is about - inflicting fear, not damage.

    The War on Terror joins the War on Drugs as the linchpins of contemporary police excess. We have had these before, many times, but with the contemporaneous technology each time. That, in fact, is all that is new - the technology. We had bomb-throwing anarchists in 1910!

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    I am surprised they didn't get him while he was on the street.

    If you are going to exercise your right to demonstrate...Don't bring a gun.

    Guns are not for demonstrating, showing off, intimidation, they are for self defence or hunting or sport shooting at a range. I don't know about the shrooms but he seems a little short on common sense.

    The other one about the lawn...I don't think the cops would have let her leave their sight because of the risk that she might go get a weapon of something like that. And they were probably tired of standing 12 hrs in the sun in riot gear for a lawn violation. :D

    There is never anything to be gained from arguing with the cops. Get a lawyer and let him argue with them its your only hope.

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