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Extract from Evidence given at the Nuremberg Trials on the Auschwitz Extermination Camp?

1)What are some of the things prisoners were used for in Nazi concentration


2). How did the Nazis try to make the selection process more comfortable?

3)Describe some of the jobs that prisoners did in the concentration camps.

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    the Slaves in the Auschwitz Berkinau Complex had a Multitude of tasks

    and after the Census done Using the IBM punch card system it was easy to round up the Jews and employ them in relation to their skills

    Chemists were Employed in the Standard Oil Petrochemical Plant used to make Synthetic Fuel oil Rubber and Zyclon B the Plant used 83.000 slaves and the fuel extended WW2 by over 2 years

    Ford truck parts

    GM car and Tank parts

    ITT aircraft parts


    Hugo boss Made SS uniforms

    silversmiths and Gold smiths made the Fancy SS insignia rings and the Silver SS Daggers

    But in 1940 after the Germans Lost the Battle of Britain and Albert Speer Told Hitler Germany was Running out of Fuel and Standard Oil of New Jersey / Texaco / IG Farben built 40 Petrochemical plants in Germany and Occupied Countries and the Biggest was In the Auschwitz Burkinau Monowitz Complex it manufactured Synthetic Fuel Oil Rubber and Zyclon B and used 83,000 slaves once Up and Running IG Farben/ standard oil of new jersey Dupont produced,

    100 percent of German synthetic rubber

    95 percent of German poison gas (including all the Zyklon B gas used in the concentration camps)

    90 percent of German plastics

    88 percent of German magnesium

    84 percent of German explosives

    70 percent of German gunpowder

    46 percent of German high octane (aviation) gasoline

    33 percent of German synthetic gasoline

    Table 2-1

    German Army (Wehrmacht) Dependence on I.G. Farben Production (1943)

    Product Total German Production Percent Produced by I.G. Farben

    Synthetic Rubber 118,600 tons 100%

    Methanol 251,000 tons 100%

    Lubricating Oil 60,000 tons 100%

    Dyestuffs 31,670 tons 98%

    Poison Gas quantities Unknown but enough Zyclon B 100%

    Nickel 2,000 tons 95%

    Plastics 57,000 tons 90%

    Magnesium 27,400 tons 88%

    Explosives 221,000 tons 84%

    Gunpowder 210,000 tons 70%

    High Octane (Aviation) Gasoline 650,000 tons 46%

    Sulfuric Acid 707,000 tons 35%

    that was why the Nazis Built a British POW camp Inside the Auschwitz complex to prevent the Allies Bombing

    the site at Buna was Poland's Biggest Coal Reserves Used to make all the Synthetics

    as you can see Auschwitz was what kept Germany in the war past 1942 that was why the Nazis put a British POW camp Inside Auschwitz to prevent the allies Bombing the Complex

    the SS had a recuperation Hospital and a SS surgery inside Auschwitz

    apart from the Occasional Bombing of the Railway line leading to Auschwitz it was the safest place the Nazis held and only fell to the Russians In 1945

    everything was documented and the Guilty was decided on their signatures and admission of Guilt most played yes I did that But I was Only obeying Orders

    today after the USSR fell the German Government located the Nazi archive containing 50 million files the Nazis were Great Book keepers we know who when How many who Authorised it and why

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    You should consult a Holocaust memorial museum

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