Me and my boyfriend have no sex life?

Okay so.. me and my boyfriend have been going out for a year and a half we are in love, as far as I know I love him he loves me but theres an issue in the bedroom.. the issue is there is no sex! when we first got together we had sex 3-4 times a week now its becoming bad. I just went 4 flipping months without sex I am going crazy finally we got drunk and had a quicky but since then we never have sex like Im an 18 year old girl this is the time when I should be having fun and going crazy hes 20. We never do it! don't tell me to get on top of him and kiss him, feel him up, wear a sexy outfit, dirty talk him, send him pictures because ive tried everything and he flat out say so and says 'man im getting pissed stop' wtf! I don't know what to do !! please help :( he said he has to be in the mood and that he cant just get turned on. im starting to get frustrated and low self esteem from being rejected all the time :( plz help me :( p.s I don't think hes cheating.


hahah omg!!! You brightened up my day! The funny thing is my sister said she could get some horny pills for me to slip him but i'd feel really bad and hes the type of guy to like freak out! I hope hes not gay hes so sexy :( I just want some a$s!! lmao im a teenage girl!!!! like is that so much to ask for I love this guy fml :(

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  • 8 years ago
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    It kinda sounds like he might be gay..

    Slip him some of those old man pills that make them able to get down and dirty;)

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