I ordered this longboard is it good for me as a beginner?


9.25 in


37.75 in.


25 in to 26.5 in

Length with PK Noseguards:

38.625 in

Concave Depth:

0.65 @10 inches

Effective Platform:

23 inches

Drop Depth:

0.25 Micro Drop

Rocker Depth:

0 Rocker

Kick Specs:

5.0 In Wide, 4.5 In Long, 1.1 in. Tall

Kick Specs with PKs:

5.125 Wide, 4.8125 Long, 1.25 Tall

Gas Pedals:

40 Degree x 1/8th in

Number of Plies:

3 Ply Maple

Board Thinness:

.334 in (vs .600 9ply maple)

Deck Weight:

3lbs 11oz

Abec 11 Electric Fly Wheels 107mm 77a

Bones Super Swiss Barings

S10 Trucks 250mm


Apex 37 Double Concave !

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  • 7 years ago
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    Lol, you're waaaaaayyyy to obsessed with exact specs for a beginner. From what I can tell though, it's a drop through and it's very light. So be careful going downhill super fast, because you may loose traction. The wheels and bearings seem nice. It seems like a good board, just stick with it.

    Your board seems like it's going to be good for tricks, and carving and pumping. Like I said, be careful going down hills, because you might wobble a bit, and you're low to the ground, so a bump could send you flying. If you want to bomb hills fast with this longboard, tighten your trucks. Although I'd recommend buying a pintail if you want to bomb hills.

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