what are vegan sources of lecithin?

I am a vegan .I have memory problems and very poor concentration . I heard some vegan foods like wheat germ and oats are high in lecithin. what are high lecithin vegan foods?

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    8 years ago
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    it's an emulsifier. you can buy it in health food shops to use in cooking. It's usually derived from soy. Processed foods use soy lecithin. You'd be better off eating a diet rich in whole-foods and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables rather than believing claims that extracts of foods have health benefits. Citrus is good for memory and concentration. Same as mint.

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    As a vegan it is very important to make sure you are eating a well-rounded and varied diet. Fruits, leafy green vegetables, nuts etc...

    The best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor to determine what you might need to take, since you don't want to take something you might not need. Also, taking too much lecithin can be unhealthy. You can always take lecithin supplements, which you can find/order from various vitamin stores or online.

    It seems like the best sources of lecithin are soybeans, and nuts (such as peanuts).

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    5 years ago

    Hii, soy while it is vegan is a man made hybrid and estrogen based it is artificial and make men more feminine that's why some people associate vegans as slimmer and weaker and what not its from soy straight up not from lack of protein or anything like that but people like me I bet I will beat the **** out of most meat eaters

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    I eat foods that are fortified with soy lecithin

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    8 years ago

    Are you taking a vitamin B12 supplement? Here are recommendations from a VEGAN registered dietitian of supplements every vegan and some vegetarians should be taking.

    Second link is his info on B12.

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