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How many Jewish people were part of a holocaust?

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    A holocaust is a terrible fire resulting in much death... London or San Fransisco burning down are holocausts no Jews were a part of.

    The Holocaust claimed a reported six million Jews.

    And five million other ethnic groups like gypsies and romas.

    And another three million Russians under The Commissars Directive.

    You could liked add on Euthenasia of the elderly and infirm.

    Forced sterilization of the 'simple-minded'.

    The 77,000 Germans executed for committing crimes against the State, eg printing anti-war movements or speaking out against the NAZIs.

    Six million Jews, and many times that millions of others.

    "By then (1945) the war had claimed the lives of an estimated 6 million Jews, between 200,000 and 800,000 Gypsies, 200,000-300,000 disabled people, 10,000-25,000 homosexuals, 2,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses, up to 3.5 million non-Jewish Poles, between 3.5 million and 6 million other Slavic civilians, as many as 4 million Soviet prisoners of war and up to 1.5 million political dissidents."

    > Mark Roseman, The Villa, the Lake, the Meeting, Allen Lane, 2002

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    There is still no proof to any of these claims. In fact, a German named Ernst Zundel was charged with Holocaust Denial and was convicted in Canada in the late 1980s. He later appealed this case to the Canadian Supreme Court and WON. With all their intellectual muscle, NONE of the jewish organizations could prove:

    1) The Final Solution existed.

    2) 6,000,000 jews died at the hands of the NSDAP

    3) That gas chambers were used.

    However, the jews used their power to have Zundel extradited to Germany, anyway...where he could be locked away and not expose any more of these claims. Before that, they even burned his house down! Due process? Who needs due process when you're messin' with international zionism?

    The Holocaust is a multi-billion dollar racket to finance Israel.

    Remember: There's no business like "shoah" business!

    Source(s): Do your own research!
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    Between five and a half and six and three quarter million people perished in the Nazi Holocaust - most of them Jewish. Exact numbers are impossible to come by.

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    Practically all of Europe's Jewish population were involved to an extent (rounded up, murdered, in camps, in hiding, having fled). Just under six-million were murdered, around 70 per cent of the pre-war population.

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    Well, 6 million Jews were KILLED in Hitler's concentration camps. Of course, since a relatively sizable number of Jews survived the war, either because they were in camps and Hitler didn't kill them yet, or because they fled before Hitler started rounding the Jews up, or they were in hiding. That might account for one or two millions more, though I do NOT know this part for sure; so in total maybe 7-8 million.

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    I'm ticked off that you would put it as "a holocaust" not "the Holocaust"

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    At least six million, but I'm fairly sure that there were others for whose deaths there was never an account.

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