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Longboard wheels suggestion?

I'm 17 years old and about 170lbs(if that matters). I'm just getting into longboarding. I'm buying a longboard off amazon just to start off ( ) I've heard that its highly recommended to upgrade some things on that board though like bearings, bushings, and wheels. I'm probably getting bones reds bearings and bones hardcore medium bushings but I know nothing about wheels and what to get. I'm just going to be using the board primarily for getting to and from work as well as normal short commutes. I won't be doing any sliding or tricks with this board. Any suggestions of what wheels to get? (if I should even get new wheels). I don't want to spend too much money, probably around $30-$40 at most.


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    I recommend Orangatang 4Presidents for what you have going on. Orange (80a) because they are softest...HOWEVER they are $50.

    78a (solid blue or clear green) mini monster hawgs $51

    Abec 11 Zig Zags (nothing higher than 80a) $50

    Basically ALL GOOD wheels are $50. Anything less may be too small for what you are going for. I go for at least 70mm to handle rocks and cracks well while at the same time avoiding wheel bite. I can attest to Orangatang and Mini Monster Hawgs

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    Upgrading a basic board is definitely a good idea. If I were you, I'd actually upgrade trucks and wheels, and keep the stock bearings for now- they'll spin just fine for a while, and once they're not spinning so well anymore (and cleaning them doesn't help), you can replace them. 70mm wheels are a good size to go with- smaller wheels are lighter but lose their speed much more quickly, so you'll have to push more often. Larger wheels are heavier but hold their roll speed longer which means less pushing. A softer wheel is nice for commuting- maybe a 78a. Motion Boardshop has 70mm 78a Metro Link wheels on sale right now for under $40. Also Abec11 has some awesome wheels that are reasonably priced, such as their Classic ZigZag wheels and Grippins, too. Hope that helps!!

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