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How to start a convo with her?

There's this really hot chick going to my school right now for summer school as I go to a catholic school and have to take religion so I decided to get it outta the way anyways she's in a different class and at our breaks she's always talking to a friend, how should I approach her and get her number so I can get to know her! Also when i do approach her what should i say? Thanks for the help everyone!!

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    It all starts with a "Hey. What's up?"

    Don't be like "heyyyy, wassup?" Because it looks really gross and... ungentelmanly?? Haha.

    She'll probably say "NM, you?" and you probably will say the same or go into detail "Just chilling, playing my guitar." etc etc is how I would do it. If she's nice she'll reply after that, if she's not maybe not. But if she does you're good to go, just start conversing. Talk about the new movies of today like Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, Pacific Rim etc etc.

    It can be ANYTHING.

    Source(s): Past experience with this kind of anxiety... I still have it but I'm better at it. If it also helps I'm freshmen this fall.
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