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I need help finding the name of a book I enjoyed a while back that I only vaguely remember?

A boy enters a falcon competition in his town and he loses to another boy, he finds a man in the woods that has a pool, that you can put your head under to observe things. In the pool he sees the father of the boy who beat him(or another boy he knew) being shot by an arrow on his way home from the war in Jerusalem. The boys father also gets enticed by a sorceress who im pretty sure wanted to steal his heart. In the sorceress cave Excalibur appears in a pool of lava and the boy (now older) removes it from the pool and saves his father. Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


All the bits I listed aren't in the correct order as far as I know.

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    "The Telling Pool" by David Clement-Davies.

    "Young Rhodri Falcon and his Crusader father become entangled not only in a war of religious zealotry but also in the schemes of a seductive sorceress who literally steals men's hearts. "

    "The late 12th century in England brought anguish to a divided land as King Richard led many of the ablest men on the quixotic and dangerous journey known as the Third Crusade. Rhodri, the son of Owen, master falconer on a manor in the Welsh borderland, is left in charge when his much-admired father follows their overlord to the Holy Land. Interweaving this historical fiction with a liberal dose of Arthurian legend, Clement-Davies creates a rich mixture of themes and metaphors. Two archetypal figures vie for Rhodri's soul: Tantallon, a Merlin figure who teaches the boy to look for answers in an ancient, magical pool deep in the forest; and Homeira, an evil-hearted Morgana figure who entraps his returning father's heart."

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