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Computer Access Restricted?

Hello, now obviously I was locked out of my computer by my brother, but this time he didn't put a password on, instead when I boot up the computer my monitor displays a message that says "VGA No Ouput". I assume that the computer is blocking the monitor from getting any feed so I have no idea how to by pass this.

Could anyone help?



The monitor says "DVI No signal"

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    Have you checked the cords in the back? Sometimes that message just means that there is a physical connection issue. I used to take that cord away when my son lost computer privs. heh..

    If the cord is there and connected properly (he could have moved the connection, make sure it is connected where it belongs on the back of the desktop) .

    Then look at the mother board.. I am guessing this is a desk top? He might have simply disconnected it on the motherboard.

    Be sure to unplug it and give it a chance to power down if you are going to open the case. Also be sure that you touch metal before looking in there, static kills electronics.

    If that isn't it, time to get a parent involved.. he may or may not have done something... this might be a hardware issue, might not.

    You can look at your mobo config online by make and model if you did not get the paperwork for that when you bought your computer.

    Also look into RAM placement/mem ok switch light because that would be an easy way to block you without harming the computer as well.

    Your brother sounds like a handful, btw, lol!

    If this is a laptop, bring it in, most likely not an easy fix..


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