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Workout plan for Basketball?

Hi, I am 16 years old, weighing 200 lbs, and height of 5'10. I love basketball and want to play it. I want to start training for basketball and for fitness. I want to workout/practice 3 times a week for 3 hours a day. I want to train in the gym and on the court. Can anyone suggest a a workout plan that will help me improve my fitness, strength,and basketball skill. I am overweight and hope to lose some weight as well. Last year i played power forward, but found it difficult to play because of my height. With my body size what position do you suggest i train for? In basketball practice I want to improve ball handling, shooting, post moves, and finishing around the rim. I want to do a repetive trainng program so same drill/workout every day or week. could someone suggest a workout/practice plan? thanks

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    How do you find it difficult playing PF at 5'10 200lbs?

    I'm 5'8 (5'10 in shoes), 150lbs and I play all positions depending on the team, rarely play C but I play PF most if its a small line up.

    My main position is SG, I guess since i have a 36 inch vertical and my defense is very good I can play better against anyone.

    Coaches described me as "strong as an ox" but still idk you might have a different situation.

    What position do you want to play?

    Mainly all you need to do is find someone who'll help you out or watch youtube videos of NBA athletes and imitate them in practice, practice what they do til you get better at it.

    Workout plans are different from everyone, I can't recommend my workout plan because you may not be able to do what I do.

    Mainly run, play basketball and get a personal trainer to help you out.. some are at your local YMCA that'll help you for free.

    Good luck.

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    you've talked to the right guy it is for women and adult adult males: A)practice capturing +/- sport to seven each and every time you depart out a shot its -a million each and every time you're making a shot its +a million Its more durable than it sounds, many times it takes a minimum of 11-13 pictures attempt puzzling pictures, to augment. in case you do worry-free pictures that you'll already do, it wont help that a lot. B) practice Passing Get time-honored plastic backyard white chairs and line them up in distant places. (One at each and every nook, One at each and every elbow, One properly of the major, etc.) Thencontinual to the basket, on the only precise 2d do a blind pass to between the chairs/aims. C) practice Dribbling Dribble up and down your driveway utilising both palms. even as your useful adequate attempt doing spidermans, in the back of-the-backs, in-between-the-legs,crossovers and figure eights D) Athleticabilty Run one mile on a daily foundation Do 5 100 backyard sprints --------------------------------------... Card sport: Take 0.5 a deck of playing cards, and draw a card pink in structure: Pushup Black in structure: Situp Face playing cards: 10 shall we are saying you get a RedSuit 6: Pushups

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