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What do i need to make electronic music?

Im really interested in making edm music, my dream would be to make my own music and become a edm dj. I have an idea of what i need but need like peopel said to buy a maschine and ableton live but i dont want to just waste my money i need some help. Im dont fully understand what everything is like DAW VST midi keyboard and native instrument and all that. Can someone please help explain and mabey give me a list of what i should look into buying to produce edm, and what kind of computer i know i need like a pretty fast one but mabey an asus laptop? Thanks for the help

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    DAW = digital audio workstation, the software in which you create your music

    VST = Virtual Studio Technology, VST plug-ins are virtual instruments and effects that can be used in a DAW (plugin host).

    MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface, communication of data for instance to control hardware synthesizers or virtual instruments, for instance by means of a MIDI controller (keyboard, or pad controller etc).

    Ableton is a DAW that supports VST and MIDI.

    Maschine is a complete music production package, including the Maschine software (basically a DAW, also can host VST plugins) and a hardware controller specifically designed to control the Maschine software, but can also be used as a regular MIDI controller.

    I happen to have both and they are great for creating any kind of music, especially electronic music.

    I don't use Ableton much though, as my host of choice is FL Studio Producer Edition. It's much like Ableton but fits my workflow better. You can demo it at or buy it with 10% discount with the promo link for new image-line customers

    As for the computer, more memory and faster CPU (2 or 4 core CPU) is good, but most current PCs and laptops should do fine. It depends on the software you will use, so check the minimum specs before you buy the computer.

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