What to buy to look better for teenage guys?

I have really bad clothes and I've been wanting to know what are the best clothes for a teenage boy. What shops? And what do you wear? And which are the best brands for shirts shoes jeans shorts cologne watches and everything. I know shoes are worth over $100 and watches are like $50 and everything but I wanna look good but be able to afford everything

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    street wear is the sh¡t so, i recommend the following brands: stussy, dgk, oakley, vans, billabong, dta, unit, reef, gap, dickies, puma (for sneakers only), new era (for hats), etc.

    if you go to the mall, hit zumiez and pacsun. they got some pretty tight clothes and accessories. look for the on sale racks.do not buy regular price items.

    you can also go to discount stores like ross, marshalls, tj maxx, burlington, etc., if you're into saving some bucks and getting good clothes at the same time, too.

    i recommend you get some neutral basic colors in solid patterns for better mix and match. if you want a watch go for it, but i do not wear one, i use my cell phone for that.sometimes less is more.

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    What To Buy Teenage Guys

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    I usually wear plain tee. I have different colours of it.. Usually for college. its more casual and i can wear a sweater or just with a button down shirt with it.

    When i was 15? I usually wear a graphic tee and a basketball shorts. LoL.

    I think for jeans and shorts it depends on you. What you are more comfortable with.

    A watch is a must have for me. I used to wear that old digital Casio watch since 10 but now I switch to an A|X watch.

    I wear sandal more often for casual walks and just a black converse for school. I still wear them to college now. But Nike n Puma shoes are added to my collection now.

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    Go out and buy cargo shorts and plain v necks to match. There are some really nice choices for them at walmart! If you are willing to spend the money go to american eagle, hollister, or even aeropostale. There get the same cargo shorts,polos,and what they call graphic tees. For the cologne get it from those stores, adidas, and playboy. Also get nike high socks! Good luck!

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    You can find some from this one

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    Have some god damn class son be gentleman too

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    Of course not all it will do is make your friends jealous, enjoy it girl! ;)

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