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Drugs/Emotion/Life Problem?

So my friend is doing MDMA and cocaine pretty much everyday and it pains me to know this, and he finally just told me why and he said they it was because he hates having emotions, weather its being sad or happy, he hates it, he likes being numb and disconnected. Apperantly his mom was pronounced dead twice already and stuff so he's used to masking his emotions all the time. I want to help him and he seems like a good kid, ideas?

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    Only his wanting could help him

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    The following answer might seem odd or ridiculous or cliche, but keep reading please:

    Tell him to get religious, statistically speaking, non-religious countries such as sweden have more suicide cases than religious countries. And not any religion, but islam(no offense for other religions, anyway it's the closest to logic and science). Why ? because our religion helps us to simply "chill" through prayer, acceptance of God's will etc...Especially in death cases, accidents etc... to live a more or less happy life. For example drugs, alcohol, and all the unhealthy stuff are forbidden to protect ourselves, and also God tells us to meditate in his might and power through meditating in the consistency of the universe (the organs, the organisms, the, the planets, the universe etc...) in order to achieve spiritual balance by knowing the fact that he is the ultimate creator. This could be really helpful for your friend, especially in his situation. All we do in islam has a purpose, i mean google anything muslims do and you'll find the purpose. For example prayer involves lots of movement and meditation to lose all negative energy etc...it is a cure for wounded souls.

    Darn, there's so much to say but no words to express it. However, i am NOT trying to convert him, or trying to convert anyone, it's by choice. And even if your friend does not believe in God (he better should cuz god believes in him) The idea of him not existing created evil in this world, so he can simply do this stuff without converting, just to relax ^^. If you don't like this answer don't flag it or delete it like many blinded people, just PM me we'll talk. I'll pray for your friend in this holy mounth of ramadan and hopefully my answer will be just what you need.

    PS : if you're wondering why muslims do this, why they do that, just google it ;).

    PS 2 : we are not terrorists and islam doesn't tell muslims to kill innocents, the CIA is the real terrorist and the illuminati try to make you hate us.

    PS 3 : LoL ps3 that's cool.

    Source(s): Muslim, I mean the real deal not your average media muslim.
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    Holy crap, dude please stop him from doing MDMA that much. My friend did it everyday like that and he became so depressed he shot himself in the head. He was a great and happy guy before MDMA robbed him.

    MDMA rots your brain's ability to naturally be happy. Ugh this is terrible news about your friend.

    I hate MDMA. Done it several times many years ago and IT IS AWFUL.

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    You can tell him your there but the end decision will be his. I know that is not what you want to be hear...but it is a commitment from their own decision for them to want to do this!

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