Which of these languages use a full case system?

After asking a general question about noun declensions I still have a few others regarding specific languages, most importantly:

Which of these have full (like Russian) case systems

Hindi / Urdu




Thank you to all who may answer!

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    8 years ago
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    The case structure of Russian is much more extensive than any of these.

    Russian is taught with six cases – nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, and prepositional

    but there are traces of ten more, of which vocative, locative and partitive are apparent..

    Hindi/Urdu has only three cases, direct, oblique, and vocative.


    And Punjabi has five. direct, oblique, vocative, ablative, and locative/instrumental. The latter two cases are essentially now vestigial.


    I don't think that the other languages that you mention have a similar case structure.

    The following link lists a huge number of cases and the languages that use them.

    For instance, here is a list of languages with an accusative case:

    Akkadian | Albanian | Arabic | Armenian (Eastern) | Armenian (Western) | Azeri | Croatian | Czech | Erzya | Esperanto | Faroese | Finnish | German | Greek | Hungarian | Icelandic | Inari Sami | Latin | Latvian | Lithuanian | Northern Sami | Polish | Romanian | Russian | Sanskrit | Serbian | Skolt Sami | Slovak | Slovene | Ukrainian | Georgian


    Source(s): English native, Fluent in Russian and German. Research in Russian grammar.
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