What should I call my second book?

So I wrote a book on the website wattpad called 'The Good Girl Has a Stalker' and now I need a title for the second book but I can't think of anything! Please help me! First books below...

Ally Thomas was a normal girl until she got a stalker. She met Chase when she was fourteen and they quickly became friends since neither of them really had a group of friends of their own. Chase told Ally she was pretty and beautiful and nearly a week later they were dating, until he started to get possessive and creepy.

Two years passed before her family decided to move Ally three hours away to a private school in New York City in hopes he would leave her alone.

At her new school, Ally met the well known bad boy and pretty soon they were falling for each other, only the 'it' girl Kendra believes that he's hers and won't let them be together.

Will Chase come back to stalk Ally or finally give up on her?

P.S. In the end Ally lose's her memory in a fire Brett is said to have started when Chase actually did it. Brett and Chase end up going to juvie, Brett for starting the fire and Chase for harassment and nearly killing Ally.

Second book summary bellow!

After being in a terrible accident nearly four months ago seventeen year old Ally Thomas is back in New York City for her senior year of high school only now she doesn't remember anyone. Brett's in juvie for being framed of lighting the shed Ally was in on fire even though Ally's stalker Chase had done it, Chase is in juvie as well for nearly killing Brett and Ally, Kendra's still the same ***** as always, Shelby's still trying to get her ******* of an ex to take her back, Zoey and Jamie are still happy as ever, and Ally has started to crush on someone only this time it's not Brett.

Ally's life seems to be spiraling out of control, will she ever see Brett again? Will she regain her memory back? And will Chase come back to stalk Ally or will someone finally put an end to it?

Btw: Shelby and Zoey are Ally's roommates

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Good Girl Has A New Guy

    The Good Girl May Not Be Good

    The Good Girl Is Back

  • 8 years ago

    The good girl has no memory

    The good girl has a new life

    The good girl is who?

    Who is the good girl?

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