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Why do critics make such a big deal about ability to "make everyone better" trait a defining part of?

what makes a player good or not.

I've watched a lot of basketball through the years and some of the best players in NBA history did not have this ability. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Dirk Nowitzki, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Gary Payton, Julius Erving, and the list goes on and on. All great players but they cannot make others better.

In fact the only players in my lifetime that have made everyone around them better are few and far between. LeBron James, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, John Stockton, and Sam Cassell are some of these players. I'd include Magic but he isn't part of my lifetime.

People criticize the likes of Carmelo Anthony for not making the rest of his teammates better but that isn't a part of his game like it isn't for many others. Melo gets criticized and labeled a "ballhog" when the truth of the matter is that's an unfair label on him.

In the past yes he would be more inclined to hoist shots up off of double and triple teams on a normal basis. But this past season Melo did a better job of trusting his teammates and giving the ball up in these situations. He may or may not have given off the assist but by him giving the ball up he engineered the play and put the ball in motion. Even if he wasn't the one who gets credited with the assist he gets a hockey assist in forming the play. He did a lot of this in 2013-2014.

The fact that he shoots a lot and doesn't average a ton of assists shouldn't place him as a ball-hog. The reason he shoots a lot is because the Knicks give him the ball a lot off broken plays where he has to bail the team out of a bad possession as the shot clock is winding down. When Melo played under the Mike D offense he only shot 15-18x a game and was playing through 3 injuries at the same time and people were on him that he didn't shoot enough. Now that he's in an offense tailor made for him under Mike Woodson he gets the label of shooting too much.

The Knicks had a lot of scoring depth but a lot of injury problems, lack of post scoring, and inconsistent scorers made Melo's role on the team as the guy who needed to get off 20+ touches a night just to have the team in a position to win games. You could see this in J.R. Smith laying a brick-house in the playoffs, Jason Kidd going 0-22 in 10 playoff games from the field, Felton playing too many minutes and injured, Chandler's lack of post scoring, or Iman Shumpert not being aggressive enough to take over some of the offensive reigns just yet in his short career.

Melo holds career average of 3.5 APG which is decent enough for a SF that is most comfortable as a PF. 3.5 APG for his career and 2.6 APG this season is okay for a PF. Assists aren't the deciding factor of what makes a player selfish or not anyways.


The Knicks offense will be slow regardless of Melo. That's the way Mike Woodson likes to play.

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    So your actual question is why Melo gets treaten unfairly?

    Well I don't know...probably because he is indeed a ballhog and tends to make the Knicks offense reeeeeeeeeally slow.

    I like him though.

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    ??? Larry Bird, Gary Payton, Michael Jordan made teammates better. Larry Bird was like the white Magic Johnson, when it came to passing skills.

    It's a team sport which is why making your teammates better, is an important trait. It's kind of a big deal, but not the only thing that makes a player great.

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