Can you Recommend a Tv Show?

Can anyone recommend a tv show from the ones I've mentioned?

I have seen:

Beverly Hills 90210

7th Heaven



Full House

One Tree Hill

Desperate Housewives

Boy Meets World

The Nanny

Dawson’s Creek

Gossip Girl

The OC


Lois and Clark

Saved by the Bell



Kyle XY

Samantha Who?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Emily Owens, M.D.




Living with Fran

The Secret Life of the American Teenager


Drop Dead Diva

The Carrie Diaries

Melissa and Joey

Baby Daddy


Teen Wolf

Hart of Dixie

Once Upon A Time

How I Met Your Mother


The Vampire Diaries

Beauty and the Beast


Pretty Little Liars


Thanks. From those shows you can see I love romance/comedy/drama/action/spy :)


I don't know why Gilmore Girls isn't in my list lol I loved that show. I don't like anything too supernatural, nor cop/law/medical shows lol

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    7 years ago
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    I actually DO recommend Supernatural but you listed nothing supernatural. It's more of action than horror scenes. There will be monsters and stuff like that, but I definitely recommend it! Just give it a try :3

    Source(s): my obsessions wut lol
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    Friday Night Lights


    American Horror Story


    The Killing




    Veronica Mars

    Dance Moms

    Army Wives

    Hit the Floor

    Major Crimes

    Cold Case


    Rizzoli and Isles

    Cedar Cobe

    The Bridge

    Under the Dome


    The Listener

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Prison Break


    New Girl


    West Wing

    Arrested Development

    Criminal Minds


    Grey's Anatomy


    Downton Abbey

    Gilmore Girls

    Twin Peaks

    X Files

  • 7 years ago

    90210 is my favourite show

    please watch

    The Carrie Diaries ( teen girl , romantic , funny , amazing )

    Skins ( Watch generation one and two they are amazing! sex, drugs , love , drama , alcohol , life , messed up teenagers watch the UK one please watch this so sad as well just watch happy things after it) you will not regret it

    keeping up with the kardashians ( Funny , love it , about a big family probably know what it is I love it ( girly)

    neighbours ( Australians about school , love , drama )

    The inbetweeners ( hilarious ! will cheer you up 4 boys , school , want sex , things never go right doesn't fail to make me laugh )

    the only way is Essex ( People from Essex , reality , funny , so entertaining , love , drama )

    Switch ( 4 young girls can do spells , funny , drama , love kinda ) I loved it dontknow if they will make anymore series but I definitely enjoyed in there only one series

    Girlfri3nds I loved this show ( reality , 3 girls look for love they live in a big house they share until the end and boys come and impress them or tell them about them and they will date or not at the end they will be 1 the pick only one series I dontknow if they will make a second but I loved the tree girls in the first series. Hopefully they will make another

    Our girl ( not romantic or funny but young girl she is from switch I love her lacey turner anyway her life is messed up and she wants to do something with her life and she joins the army its really good should watch it she was a common messed up girl then does something with her life , its a drama )

    The crash (This one is ne you definitely have to watch omg there is only two episodes it wont be back on there was only two parts. Love , tragic , heart-breaking , so touching ! please watch this you will not regret it , it is amazing you can watch this on youtube must watch omg please )

    Eastenders ( its a soap depending where you live if you have heard of it but its just life teen and adults drama don't watch all of them you'll die before you got to the last one not sure if you'd like this but I do )

    Dexter - about a serial killer , drama

    these are all good shows don't have to watch them but please watch The crash and maybe skins generation one and two they change every two seasons and the characters are the best they ever have even look it up everyone like the first and second the best people its really good

    Source(s): Hope I helped , think I should go best answer been writing this for ages and gave a good enough list
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  • 7 years ago

    you have seen every show haha i have heard that the british show skins is good. it has nicholas hoult from warm bodies. i would start at the second or third season though because thats when it gets good. melrose place is a good show its really similar to 90210 and one tree hill. the newer version of melrose place.

  • 7 years ago

    How I met your mother is pretty funny. You should try the show supernatural though its great!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Breaking Bad!! Watch it! Like now.

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