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Mom thinks I'm an attention-seeking exhibitionist?

I'm 13, F, and do NOT want attention or anything.

Reasons she thinks I do:

I want to shave my head (in honour of Talia Joy)

I want to be a nudist (she just found out because my older brother just screamed it as if I was a leper)

I dyed my hair red

I'm loud (not my fault)

I act all hyper and annoying for reasons unknown, that's just how I roll

And just my personality

I do not do any of these things for attention, I swear. But I guess she thinks so.

How do I convince her that I do not want attention? My bro and sis just found out that I want to raise a nudist family and be a nudist, and they think it's gross. Well, my bro does. And when she got home, he told her about how I want to be nudist and now they all think I'm in for the attention.


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    It would only be attention-seeking if you only did such things or only talked/thought about such things when other people were around to see/hear it. If you always talk loudly, always enjoy going nude, are always hyper, always think about raising a nudist family, etc. even when alone then that's just your personality and they're going to have to accept you for who you are.

    Besides, I'm sure you can point out dozens of things your family does to seek attention, such as lawn ornaments, bumper stickers, what brands/fashions they wear, how much time they spend in the bathroom making their hair look good, etc. It's all done to impress or draw the attention of other people.

    BTW, my commendations to you for getting into nudism and wanting to raise your future family with the naturist lifestyle. It's a wonderful, comfortable way of life that promotes very healthy values of self esteem, acceptance of oneself and others, and eliminates needless embarrassment, shame, and phobias about nudity and the body. I was about your age (14) when I first started getting into nudism. It was the most liberating change of my life that wiped away all sorts of fears and phobias and greatly improved my self esteem, when formerly I was absolutely terrified of nudity and was intensely shameful and embarrassed about my body.

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    I trust that you dyed your hair red before you shave your head. Relax, you are an attention-seeking exhibitionist and you will find out that all those purported "friends" who are encouraging to do these silly out burst are actually laugh at you for your lack of reason.

    You are hyper because you are listen to your teenage rebellious brain and are getting positive feedback from your "peer group" , who you truly do not know very well yet.

    As to your older brother, who is teasing you over your "want" to be nude. He is daring you to actually do it. So if you want to be nude. Take your clothes off and walk up to him and talked to him nude. Dare him to do the same. My guess is that your (slightly older) brother is looking for information about that which he does not know.

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    Just get over it -.-

    All parents think we seek attention... Its the way they rooooll

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