Honest opinion on my singing voice?


that's my soundcloud. some things are a bit rough, but just try to ignore that. i really want an honest opinion, thank you. xx.

also, if you can tell if i'm a mezzo-soprano or an alto, that'd be great too. it's not necessary but if you could tell me that'd be awesome.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    1. Never record with a mobile phone. It distorsions the voice too much. Use a pro mic with XLS connector.

    2. You must normalize ( or compress ) the sound. I listen a clear volume saturation/clipping there.

    3. You sound like a mezzo, but it's hard to say tho without the proper scale and breathing test.

    and I think you're singing a bit high for your natural tone ( I can see it clearly in the Lana's song ).

    4. You should correct a bit of nassality and train breathing much more.

  • 7 years ago

    IDK much about singing, but you're really good! Not the best of the best, but much better than a lot of people I've heard... It's really hard to tell, but in my opinion I think ur closer to mezzo-soprano. :)

    I hope this helped!

    (also I couldn't help but let u know, ur really pretty! Much prettier than me at least :3)

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