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What's with some questions on here revolving around the Knicks packaging Tyson Chandler out in a trade?

Yes Chandler still has 2yrs/$28.69M left on his 4yr/$58M deal and is 30 and suffered debilitating injuries down the stretch of the season that left him not looking like himself in the playoffs. However, he is more essential to the Knicks than Amar'e Stoudemire. Stat is still owed 2yrs/$45.09M of his 5yr/$100M contract assuming that the Knicks don't use the early termination clause of the contract before the start of the last year.

Yes Stat averaged 14.2 PPG in a 15-18 minute restriction interval but he's far been more injury prone than Chandler. Stat has been injury prone since inking the contract and although when healthy and with the work he put in with Hakeem to newly develop his post offense moves he's a fit for the team's necessity for a low-post scorer he still isn't worth more than Chandler.

Chandler really isn't injury prone since he's been a Knick and was suffered a really bad hand towards the end of this season. Chandler had a great year this season. Chandler became the only Knick other than Willis Reed to post three consecutive 20+ rebounding games this season. Not to mention Chandler was voted to his 1st All-star team selection as well. 11.3 PPG/10.7 RPG and led the NBA in FG% for the 2nd straight season @ 63.8%. Tyson was on par of being the only player since Wilt Chamberlain to shoot 70% from the field in a season for a large portion of the season.

Chandler played through 60 games without sitting down for a single injury. He and Smith were the only Knicks not to sit out a game due to injury until the injury bug hit. Then he sat out a couple of weeks only to return earlier than expected instead of sitting the rest of the season out and return to the playoffs. This early return could of done more bad than good.

The thing is that the Knicks should not be looking to trade Chandler because he's worth so much to this team and is the one that truly anchors our defense. The problem is that the guy is relied on too much and needs an adequate back-up. Due to the injuries of Camby, Wallace, and Thomas Melo had to play the role of backup C to Chandler at times as did K-Mart and K-Mart is practically the same size as Melo. Even Copeland had to play some C. Tyson Chandler could be a shoe-in for DPOY if NY does right by him and brings in a big that can come in for Tys and produces - Drew Gooden, Jeremy Tyler, etc. are guys that can fit the bill. Not what he's had in Jared Jeffries, Rasheed Wallace, Marcus Camby, and Kurt Thomas.

Chandler is 30 yrs old and soon to be a 14 yr pro so what you see is what you get with him in terms of his offensive versatility in the low-block. He isn't a face-up nor back-to-the-basket guy. He will get you points off lobs and hustle plays and can shoot well enough at the FT line to get you points. However, he means a lot to the franchise and shouldn't be the one of the large salaried big men in NY to get tossed aside. In fact he's still in his prime, both career and athletic --- he just needs an adequate back-up to take minutes off of his body of work so that he can maintain healthy.

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    The Knicks won't deal Chandler or STAT. The team you see now is pretty much what they'll have with a few minor additions along the way. I'm alright with it. The Knicks will be a contender once again. If healthy they could really do some damage in the East.

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    Last I checked they werent trading Tyson Chandler. He's not the best, but he is an effective center, one of the best in the league today. NY Knicks need him

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