Something's Gotten stuck in my Eye and hasn't Come out yet?

So I was just standing on the sidewalk when a burst of wind came, and I instantly felt something (like dirt or something) get int my left eye. I tried getting out, and I started watering up like crazy, but it didn't come out. I tried blinking a lot, but I could barely keep my eye open. Eventually I could open it, but it hurts like heck whenever I close my eye and move it very quickly.

Returning home, I tried pulling my upper and lower eyelid (one at a time) while putting water in there to try and wash it out, but no luck. It's been keeping up for about 7 hours now, and I'm getting really worried because I have a problem with my eyes where one of them is partially blind and my good eye, my left eye, has got this problem with it now. I'm in a foreign country on a course and I don't really know what to do at this point. Any advice would be great.

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  • 7 years ago

    Grab hold of your eyelashes and gently but firmly pull the lid outward and downward. Do this slowly. Repeat once or twice.

    If this does not dislodge the debris, go to the sink and flush they eye with water. You can do this by cupping your hand below the faucet, and turning your head to the side. The trick is to have the water flowing directly over your eye. Not too strong and obviously cool. Not cold or hot. Blink into the cool water while holding your head for a minimum of five minutes.

    You can try this a few times. Your eye will be a little red and swollen after, but the sting should be gone. If it's not, it's time to seek medical attention. The front desk in your hotel should be able to help you find a doctor.

    Good luck.

  • Lynne
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    If nothing is in your eye, you may be feeling a scratch left by what was in your eye. OUCH!

    If there is something still in your eye and you can see it, gently setting a Q-tip on it may solve the problem .. that's how the ER got a cigarette ash out of my eye .. wish I'd thought of it myself and saved the money!

    Do NOT rub it!

    A silly sounding suggestion that sometimes actually works: Grab a hold of your upper eyelid, look down, then blow your nose while still holding your eye open.

    Hope one of those ideas helps. If not, and you've tried rinsing .. wait and see if the pain subsides within a couple of hours .. that would indicate a scratch.

    You may have to seek medical attention but try the above first.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Its best if you can see an ophthalnogist. If you cant dont rub the eye, get saline eye drop or get a clean water in a cup and add a little pinch of salt in it. A LITTLE. then apply 4drops qds. Also I would suggest to apply ciprofloxacin .3% eye drop 4drop qds to the eye if you dont have allergy to prevent infection. Then take a handkerchief and blow it with your mouth and apply this soft hot humid cloth on your eye with closed eyelid. Close your eye and dont open too much. Get a good sleep...the next day if the problem still present contact doctor.. if you can see a doctor now as its your one working eye.

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