Please what is the name of this socks and how can I get it?

I'm looking for a high knee socks for soccer which has another high knee socks inside it for playing soccer. It's like a two-in-one socks each which gives you comfort. I don't know what name it's called or how to get It. Any suggestions please or links to buy online, Thanks.

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    7 years ago
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    Well I never heard about those socks.

    But I don't thing that having two socks can actually be comfortable since is way too much padding and specially on the feet can create too much friction that could cause blisters.

    I suggest two options getting this Joma brand socks which are the longest I know on size L and XL.

    on the other hand if you are looking for comfort I suggest getting a pair of Tru Soxs which are labeled by pros's are they most comfortable socks ever and also getting a second pair of any soccer socks which you will need to cut just in the ankle area and fuse to the Trusoxs by Tape since Tru Soxs are Crew size socks but even if you think it's crazy pro's actually do all that work.

    What makes TruSoxs special are the anti-slip inserts they have on the buttoms part which prevent your feet to slide inside of the soccer boot and at the same time prove a cushioning feel.

    Here are some pisture of Pros wearing TruSoxs on matches:

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