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Why are BK Nets doubters already assessing the blame onto Jason Kidd for potential struggles?

I don't think that if the BK Nets do struggle J.Kidd should be assessed with the blame. I think that J.Kidd ONE DAY will make an excellent coach. While I agree that he's too inexperienced to take a HC position right off the bat and should of done what Brian Shaw and Mark Jackson did before getting their shot in Shaw's case being an assistant coach for many years to learn the nuances of what it is to coach and Jackson being a color analyst for many years to closely watch the games and how coaches do certain things while the game is in action. I think the roster should be more at fault than Kidd. This isn't a good roster to have for a 1st time coach because of the hype it generates and the fact that a lot of their players look DONE...

Paul Pierce had a horrible year for his standards this past season and in the playoffs he was horrible. He had to play SG and was primarily guarded by Raymond Felton who played SG for NY in the series. Felton was playing with practically a broken hand and is 7 inches shorter than Pierce and Pierce could not get by Felton for the life of him. All he did was jack up contested jumpers and missed most of them as well as gimme lay-ups. Pierce was never a solid defender even in his prime. Now that he's out of his prime he's even worse @ this end.

Joe Johnson is one of the most overrated players in the NBA. The Atlanta Hawks never really needed him and played @ the same record pace with or without him. For the past 5-6 seasons he's been in decline. Even in his better days he was on the overrated end of things. Doesn't defend well at all.

KG had himself a good season and showed he can still anchor a defense but he is 37 years old. How much more can he take. In the playoffs he also looked a little spent as well.

Jason Terry is a chuck-up artist who had a terrible season and he's way in decline right now. He doesn't play d either.

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez will be the focal points but as good as D-Will is he can be rather unfocused at times and let's lesser guys like Nate Robinson and Kirk Hinrich get the better of him. Meanwhile, for how good Brook Lopez is offensively as a C he's a sub-par defender and a very bad rebounder @ 7 ft. He also isn't that good offensively when doubled and put pressure on.

AK47 is a good signing and they got him on the cheap. Andray Blatche also re-signed on the cheap but he's very inconsistent and sometimes shoots too much for his own good. He can be a headcase. Reggie Evans provides toughness and rebounding inside but he's an offensive liability at times. That's pretty much it for Mirza Teletovic, Mason Plumlee, Tyshawn Taylor, and Tornike Shengelia pretty much SUCK and Shaun Livingston hasn't been the same since that gruesome leg injury of his and isn't even a top 15-20 backup PG.


You're reaching TC and overrating these guys...

Update 2:

LOL @ Johnson being called clutch he's as clutch as J.R. Smith proved to be last yr with some game winners here and there. Iman SHumpett has shutdown Johnson since he was in ATL. You want clutch look @ Carmelo Anthony who has the best % in the clutch and most shots made with 2:00 or less remaining in the NBA since 2005.

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    Alot of their players look done? Who exactly. We only have 3 players over the age of 35 and all 3 can still contribute on a high level. How exactly does mean alot of their players look down. If you are going to say something at least back it up so you dont look stupid which you do so far.

    On the contrary Paul Pierce didnt have a bad season. He basically had the same stats as always. Never knew going 19/6/5 was such a bad year lol. You do realize Rondo was out most of the year. Pierce and Garnett were overplayed thought out the year and ran out of gas in the playoffs. He has a very good backup in Kirilenko to back him so he doesnt play over 30 mins a game like in boston. Again if you are going to bring in information at least back it up so you dont look stupid. Which you did for the second time.

    JJ is not overrated lol. He is one of the most clutchest players in the league. Avery and PJ ran him into the ground last year and also only having iso plays that let defenders break it down and made it hard to score then it really should have. Again for the 3rd time you made yourself look stupid.

    KG like PP wont be playing 30+ minutes this year. The nets were able to get very good backup in Kirilenko and Blatche for KG and PP. Again he was overplayed because of Rondo and ran out of gas in the playoffs. 4th time you looked stupid.

    Terry last season has said he was running on bad knees. He had surgery and now he is 100% better. He is hyped to play for the nets. A great sixth man and leadership role for the bench. 5th time making yourself look stupid.

    Deron Williams had ankle problems in the first half of the season. Second half he took the league by storm. He has lost alot of weight over the offseason focusing more on speed then built to back down small pgs such as nate. Actually Lopez was a very good defender. Having 2 blocks a season isnt that bad. As for the rebounds having someone like reggie who will steal reobunds from his own teammates its tough to get them. Lets not forget no one cares about reggie and reggie is left open why lopez has to go against two people to get the rebound. Also Lopez has played less then 30 mins a game last year. Ever other center has played more then 30 mins a game.

    Blatche actually was in 1o for PER. He has some reckless moments but not as much as you think if you every actually saw the nets play. Reggie wont be playing 30 mins a game like he did last year. That was a HUGE mistake by the coaching staff to let that happen. Reggie is a hustle player that will contribute alot in 10 mins of playing time. Mirza actually doesnt suck. He never got consistent minutes. And when he did play well he would sit the next game. If he had a bad game he would sit the next 3 games. It is the coaching staff fault. Plumee was actually good in the summer league. And he is a rookie, 22 pick in the draft you moron. He isnt going to contribute as much on his first season like players picked in the top ten. Tornike is very young and has high potential. Like Plumlee he is also very young. No one is expecting him to contribute big. Taylor is too selfish to be a pg. Livingston isnt going to score. He is a passing pg who towers over everyone else. He doesnt need to shoot the ball just get players in the right spots which he has. And even after the injury he still very athletic.

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