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Rate my 2k association team? Advise?

PG- Russel Westbrook

SG- Avery Bradley

SF- Gerald Wallace

PF- Kenneth Faried

C- Deandre Jordan

Back ups:

PG- Norris Cole/Peyton Siva

SG- Ronnie Brewer

SF- Danny Green

PF- Anthony Bennett

P.S. i did a fantasy draft...

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    7 years ago
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    You definitely will regret having picked DeAndre as he has no offensive moves and is one of those big athletic center who can't rebound or block in the game. You should also trade either Wallace for a scoring wing or post scorer. Westbrook is a great player but he is also your point guard. The bench isn't too bad but you do need a back up PF/C as Bennett is a small PF/ big SF.

    Faried gives you the flexibility to start him at either SF or PF once you pickup a scoring wing player or good offensive post player.

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