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Who was right me or my friend?

So I run a minecraft server and my friend who was the co owner got 70 dollars in donations. Then I talked ro most of the player all the staff members anf they all said demote him ro admin and if he rants deop him and if he doesn't move him back to co owner. So I did do this and he ranted, then he told gis dad and now his dads goibg to talk to my dad. So my rral question is did I do anything that bad. (I'm 13 he''s 12) and now he wants the money back bthat players donated

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    Too young to understand business than you do not need to have a server. Any assets that comes into the business even if its a server has to be applied to the expenses of this server. Yes, you're in the wrong to have taken the donation money. That donation money should have been placed in a savings account for unexpected expenses. One more thing, any money earned has to be reported to the Internal Revenue Services or whatever financial taxes you have in your country. Also, a donation in some businesses is considered a gift so your partner or co-owner still has to put in a written contract what percentage he/she wants from any donation. One more thing, you're the boss so why listen to the other staff. I suggest make out a written contract and no one will rant or rave about money earned or money lost. Be cautious with this money making business.

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