Windows 8 boot files to SSD, not HDD?

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I recently bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p. It's an amazing computer, but I have one issue. I purchased the model that has both an HDD (1TB) and an SSD (24GB) because I had been assured the SSD would be used for the booting files to make the system boot into Windows 8 faster. However, when I received the laptop it became apparent that the SSD comes empty- the HDD has all the boot files on it. Since this is an OEM version of Windows 8, it did not come with a disk to reinstall the OS. I was wondering if there is any way to move the boot files from the HDD to SSD but keep the remaining User and Program files on the HDD WITHOUT the Windows 8 install disk. Thanks for your help

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  • 7 years ago
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    You misunderstood what they meant.

    An SSD at 24gb is not larger enough to hold all of Windows to boot. What happens is that 24gb ssd is used by windows on the 1tb drive as a cache drive. When you boot to windows and use it, software determines which apps/programs/files you frequently use and copies those to the ssd/cache drive...this information is saved even when you reboot or shut down the pc, included in those files saved are also windows drivers and files that allow windows to boot and run faster.

    I use a 32gb SSD the same way on my PC. While it doesn't boot as fast as having the OS on an SSD, it's still relatively faster than on a traditional hard drive.

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