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? asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 8 years ago

comment/rate -- (new) Top 12 name combos?


•Fawn Astoria

•Ciara Naomi (KEER-ah)

•Jacqueline Ivy

•Evelin Hope (EVE-lin)

•Coralie Maeve

Kairi Annabel (KY-ree)


•Harrison Cole

•Nolan Scott

•Aubrey Jude

•Jacoby Auden (juh-KO-be)

•Rowan Elliot

Zane Reid


Oy -.-

I was hoping for bit more effort/ care to be put into the answers, I guess that's to much to ask of YA! Nowadays.

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    Fawn Astoria -- (1) I greatly dislike this. I do not find Fawn attractive in the least as a name. Plus, I think it's a name that would make people picture a certain kind of girl, kind of similar to Chastity, for example. I'd picture Fawn as a weak/shy/timid girl. Astoria is a little too much for me. And paired with Fawn the name is overall too unrealistic and mystical sounding to me, more of a name I'd expect to read in a fantasy novel or something. Totally more of a guilty pleasure name, in my opinion.

    Ciara Naomi -- (8) This is interestingly similar to a combination on my own list: Clara Naomi. Unfortunately, I'm not too fond of Ciara. It's a nice enough name, but it would constantly get mispronounced where I live. If that wouldn't be an issue where you live, I'd say go for it. As for Naomi, it's a family name for me, and I love it. Ciara Naomi looks nice, sounds great, and flows well.

    Jacqueline Ivy -- (4) I've never liked Jacqueline. Although, Jacqueline is my preferred spelling, so I'm glad to see that. Ivy is nice. This combination feels very "calming" to me (in a good way). Plus, it's not two names I'd ever expect to see with each other, so it's neat in that way as well. It's not my style, but it's still something I could learn to "appreciate from afar", I think!

    Evelin Hope -- (3) I don't care for Evelin. The spelling Evelin does help, but I still feel inclined to pronounce it like Evelyn (EV-uh-lin). I don't like Hope. Together, the combo sounds a little choppy (kind of like three one-syllable names: Eve Lynn Hope).

    Coralie Maeve -- (6) This is pretty. It's unusual while still being recognizable and not too out there. Coralie isn't a name I like a whole lot myself, but I see the appeal. And while I much prefer May (my #1 favorite girl's name is Leona May), Maeve is a name I appreciate as well. The names go together very nicely.

    Kairi Annabel -- (3) I don't like Kairi. Plus, it would constantly get mispronounced as CAIR-ee. It's an intriguing name, but a little too guilty pleasure-esque for my liking. Annabel is lovely, and tones down the pretentious Kairi, making for a decent Kairi pairing.

    Harrison Cole -- (7) I really like Harrison. It's been on and off my own favorites list. It's off right now, as I've decided 1) I just can't picture the name on my own child and 2) I have a sort of bad personal connotation with Harris, so it kind of taints Harrison a bit for me. But it is a very cool name, one I wouldn't mind seeing on a little boy, just not my own. Lol. I've never liked Cole. It always makes me think of a bad little kid getting coal in his stocking on Christmas morning..

    Nolan Scott -- (2) Not my taste at all. I dislike both names, and I don't really know how to explain why.

    Aubrey Jude -- (8) I love Aubrey for a boy! I have Dean Aubrey on my own favorites list. With all the little girls named Aubrey in recent years, I'd be too scared to give my own child the name Aubrey, but I would be super excited to meet a little BOY named Aubrey! I dislike Jude, but Aubrey Jude isn't bad.

    Jacoby Auden -- (3) Don't care much for either name personally. And I do prefer the spelling Jacobi over Jacoby. I *think* Jacobi is the original spelling. And I know a guy in his early 20s named Jacobi. It's an uncommon name, but definitely usable, I'd say. Auden is nice in its own right, but it makes me think of "audit", so that really turns me off the name.

    Rowan Elliot -- (8) I quite like this pairing. Both names are nice and they complement each other very well. I'd prefer the reverse myself (Elliot Rowan), but there's nothing wrong with Rowan Elliot.

    Zane Reid -- (1) Zane is one of my very least favorite names. I don't mind Reid so much, but it doesn't do anything for me either. And the two one-syllable names paired together makes it very choppy, so it doesn't flow nicely.

    My overall favorites for each gender from your list are Ciara Naomi and Aubrey Jude (followed closely by Rowan Elliot). And my least favorites are Fawn Astoria and Zane Reid.

    Hope this was the kind of feedback you were looking for!


  • 8 years ago

    Coralie Maeve & Kairi Annabel are adorable as are Harrison Cole & Rowan Elliot. :)

  • ?
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    I like the Evelin and Kairi combos

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like Evelin Hope and Aubrey Jude. Very cute. :-)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    - Fawn implies helplessness. That's a no-go -

    - Best combinations are Jacqueline Ivy & Nolan Scott -

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