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How to restore 1978 Honda cb400T?

Hey guys, I recently picked up a barn fresh cb400 and I'm still inexperienced with mechanics. Is there any online sources, preferably videos, that do a step by step restore of this bike? I've got plenty of time and a fully functioning garage so that is not a problem, I would just like to do things right the first time.

Thank you

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    Get manual from library if possible. You'll likely need to do a carb clean from setting awhile, fuel tank clean maybe and definitly a oil change. Pull spark plugs and put in a 1/8 cup=1 oz=2 tablespoons 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF/Dextron in cylinder and let set a couple days. Set on center stand, put in high gear and then hand turn back wheel completely around 5 times to free rings, lube cylinder walls before putting back spark plugs if good. Oil can for chain - put newspaper under it as you turn back wheel and squirt oil on chain while freeing engine. That vintage carbs were 1 year or 2 before tighter pollution laws- noo accelerator pump so easier to clean. My 1981 CM400 is back with new student now- I had 2 years of setting overwinter prep to do last month and it runs fine for student. New battery also, check tire pressure and sidewall condition- new tires likely for road trips but if they hold air while prepping OK to run around the block to check brakes.WD40 for cable ends, pivots, might need it on chain before lubing to get rust freed. Read manual, buy some oil, lubes and carb cleaner.

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