Why do i fail this exam when i study hard and know the material :(?

Im im grade 10 going to 11. I passed everything in sec 4 except history. History isnt my best subject even when i studied extremely hard and payed so much attention in class. I failed the ministry exam in june and ended up with a 45%. I had the retake today and i think i did worse. My family is giving me a hard time. They say i dont study enough and theres something wrong with me if i cant pass history.

I do have anxiety and i am on medication for it. I blanked out during the exam today. I hate history i have no interest in learning it but i know all the material and this exam was hard and i completely blanked out.

How can i pass this exam? I need to pass in order to graduate :( why cant i pass this ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Students think they study and know the material but often don't really. I teach in a high school that works with kids on what they call the 12-point study. There's something brain research that says attention is about 12 minutes, so the kids are supposed to study for 12 minutes at least 12 days before they test on the material. Basically that means every day, sit down with the material for a while.

    Perhaps you're doing this already, so my next recommendation is to make sure you try to mimic the conditions of the test in your study spot as closely as possible. Don't get comfy in your bed listening to music, sit at a desk or table with lights on, etc.

    Finally, since I have no idea what the ministry test is this might not apply to you, but you should talk with either your history teacher or exam proctor or advisor, someone who is familiar with you and the exam material, and ask what you could do to be more successful. There might be study materials you don't know about, groups, etc. It's worth a shot.

    Good luck! There are many people who are terrible testers and cannot get past or have a hard time getting past one exam. Look up teachers having to take the Praxis exam for certification ...

  • 7 years ago

    i am going into junior year too, and suck at test taking.

    some people can not take test but know the information, i usually ask if i can take an oral test and i do better with those.

    you can pass by being in a similar environment as you would for the final, and chew the same gum you studied with (not same piece but same flavor) i heard that helps from my friend. You must study though.

    Good luck!

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    5 years ago

    you need to find a problem that require all you can have to answer it 1 question, to get all of the answer. so you can get the relation between everything you learn.. as integrated knowledge, you'll know what you need to learn and where to use it brain will erase most useless thing when you sleep. so if you don't know what you learn for, it will considered useless and erased

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Some people have phobias?

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