How come no ever mentions the negatives of college?

How you will be in debt. Not guaranteed a job after to you have graduated. How you will be making minimum wage, even though you have a college degree. How some people without a college degree make more then those who have one. Hmm, how come no one ever mentions those? In my opinion college isn't for everyone. Obviously it's not for me, since I hate college. I feel like I'm trapped in college. I really have to deal with four years of this crap? I've tried the having a apartment and job life and, I loved it. I wasn't miserable. I woke up happy. I loved my life, it was awesome. My buddy didn't go to college and he owns a 3 bedroom house. My dad didn't go to college and he makes fifty grand a year and owns a 4 bedroom house. I'm thinking of dropping out and I want some advice.

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  • 7 years ago
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    A college degree can pay off if you get a degree in a professional field which is in high demand, such as nursing, pharmacy, computers, or engineering. However, before entering these programs, a person needs to have an interest and aptitude for these fields.

    The key is not so much to get a degree but to learn a business or trade where there is a demand for your services, and which pays well.

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