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Vaginites? Yeast? UTI?

Okay so within the past two weeks ive been having problems, i have a boyfriend and have for 2 years we use protection , we used a colored condom not sure if it was flavoured or not? Anyway since then ive been having itchiness, redness, soreness from scratching and a white creamyish but slightly water discharge.. It does have a fishy type smell but it is white no funky colored! Im kind of scared please help no immature answers. (Me and my boyfriend have had un protected sex in the past) but this has never happened the last time we had unprotected sex was nearly a month ago an my issue didnt happen till a week ago, please help! I know its not an std

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    A fishy odour is a sign of bacterial infection — these are often caused by douching, i.e. washing the inside of your vagina, so if you are doing that, stop!

    A woman's natural discharge inhibits the growth of invasive bacteria. By cleaning your discharge away you would be creating an environment in which these bacteria can thrive — not a good idea. Any irritation will make your body produce extra discharge in an attempt to clear the problem. You shouldn't wash this discharge away (except maybe any that comes to the outside). Doing that is like picking at a scab. It will stop you healing.

    Only wash yourself externally; never internally.

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    Sounds like a yeast infection to me. Yeast infections can be contracted from hings otherthan sex like eating certain foods, wearing cotton based underwears and using tampons. Just get some monistat or other yeast infection cream to cure it and youll be fine.

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    u need to get that checked out...it might be a STD!!

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