I want to buy a ssd hard drive for desktop. Some are more expensive with less gigabites, why?

I was thinking of just buying a used one off of ebay. I want to spend 3-500. I'll be using it for gaming. I guess some save and read faster but do I really need that since its not ram? Should I go for the most storage I can afford or do I need the faster read/write? I mean they already read and write faster than hdd anyway right?

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  • 7 years ago

    If you want performance, read/write speeds should be high. But if you want to store massive games in the HDD, you should have a mix of speed and storage. Probably the one that mix the two characteristics together are the most expensive.

    Nevertheless, if you have a lot of RAM(more than 8GB, games won't suffer an enormous increase if you add a super SSD HDD which can write and reaf fast. So,in that case, I recommend you buying a storage HDD.

    Hope I helped.

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