Need help with youtube!?

I have 6 videos when i go to "video manager" but one of them has 0 views and appears to not exist. When i go to "analytics" here are some screenshots that prove this. the "PqJGFB8jymg" was an old deleted video.

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    7 years ago
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    Hey maad animal

    Well I guess you are looking for some popularity on YouTube.

    I have a couple of tips if you want to read and benefit so you can get more YouTube Views.

    1- Make a good quality video, and if possible set it to high definition. Also make it widescreen. People prefer to watch videos in HD and fully wide including me.

    2- Choose popular topics and review your videos before releasing them to the public.

    3- Try to use content targeted keywords and create eye-catching thumbnails. I don't know why people look at thumbnails before watching the video but I guess the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" goes wrong here.

    4- Share it with your friends and family, spread it on social networking websites like facebook, twitter etc.

    5- Post it on your blog, or forums like digitalpoint etc. And you can even post it on digg, stumbleupon etc.

    6- Make the videos short and to the point so you get good rating.

    7- Interact with the commenters and subscribers.

    8- Add in RELATED video responses to videos which are already popular. 9- Ask people to subscribe saying you'll upload new content regularly, use the call to action strategy and you could ask for it at the end of the video.

    10- Add in a link at the end which would take your user to your other videos.

    11- Be patient, it takes time to get noticed. However if you are not really patient, there are some paid methods out there aswell.

    Check out and

    Those are two sites I would recommend since I used their services and I trust them..

    I have gotten about 50K+ Views on almost all of my videos and average views is 220K+, plus my subscribers list is about 11000+ so yeah you could say I'm a big youtuber who's giving you these tips. So yeah trust me ;)

    If your video is stuck on 301+ views, don't worry it's just a new video and YouTube wants to verify the views count to see if it's real views or not. It'll go away as soon as you get more views.

    Ask yourself this question, why do you want so many views? To get more popular, to earn money, to rank higher in search engines, do get more subscribers and the list goes on. So work hard for it or trust an expert with the job.

    You can even earn money from YouTube once you get popular. Like Google Adsense or YouTube partnership. So do try that you are able to benefit from that extra revenue

    I also know of a software you might want to use. It's automated YouTube Marketing, so yeah it's pretty cool!

    Hope I helped!

    If so share this info around with your friends ;)

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